The first domestic 10000 ton BOPET production line

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The first domestic 10000 ton BOPET production line has been completed and put into operation. At present, the 10000 ton biaxial tensile three-layer extruded polyester film production line of Nanjing lanpucheng new materials Co., Ltd. has been officially put into production in Nanjing Jiangning District Science Park. The completion of this large production line marks a new stage in the independent design and manufacture of double stay wire equipment in China. Nan Changming, general manager of China Packaging Corporation, spoke highly of the enterprise team spirit shown in the construction process of the project

Nanjing lanpucheng new materials Co., Ltd. held a completion ceremony for the production line with guests from all walks of life on the morning of the same day. Nanchang Ming, general manager of China Packaging Corporation, Xuhuiling, vice mayor of Nanjing, zhaoyouchun, deputy secretary of Jiangning District Party committee, Yang Youlin, director of Jiangning Science Park Management Committee, and xuchengcheng, chairman of Nanjing Lanpu Cheng new materials Co., Ltd. cut the ribbon for production and production

the distinguished guests accompanying the ribbon cutting are: nanzhujiang life insurance once said that Liu Jian, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing municipal government, and Han 26, deputy general manager of China Packaging Corporation Power supply voltage: 220V (single-phase) Shun Wei, leaders of Nanjing Administration for Industry and commerce, science and Technology Bureau, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Jiangning District Committee: Xu Cuihua, Xu Guilin, Pang Shungen, Wang Wensheng, Huang Hongtao, Shen Yuming, Zhou Xiaoqi, Li Hong, etc

the guests attending the ceremony also included the person in charge of the system enterprise of China National Packaging Corporation, representatives of collaborative design and manufacturing units and user enterprises

Nan Changming, general manager of China Packaging Corporation, said in his speech that there were two chucks on the installation, and spoke highly of the enterprise team spirit of daring to fight hard battles and being good at fighting hard battles in the process of project construction; I am deeply inspired by the fruitful achievements of the corporate culture transformation of China Packaging Corporation; Expressed sincere gratitude for their support during the difficult period of state-owned enterprises; Expressed full confidence in the establishment of China Packaging Corporation as the flagship of China's packaging industry in a few years (the full text of the speech of general manager Nanchang Ming will be sent separately)

Xuhuiling, vice mayor of Nanjing, expressed congratulations on the success of the project on behalf of all departments of Nanjing municipal government. She said that the Nanjing municipal government and all government departments will continue to support the project construction, and will further increase support in policy, taxation, business environment, science and technology investment, etc. She believes that Nanjing lanpucheng company will make greater achievements in the future

biaxial tensile plastic film is a basic packaging material with excellent performance and wide applications. Although China has independent intellectual property rights in the production and processing of biaxially stretched plastic films, for a long time, most of the equipment used in the domestic production of biaxially stretched plastic films for packaging has been imported, which is extremely incompatible with the status of China as a big packaging country. Realizing the localization of double stay wire has always been the goal of China's packaging industry

the production line built by Nanjing lanpucheng new materials Co., Ltd. is the first 10000 ton three-layer coextrusion biaxial tensile polyester film production line independently designed and manufactured in China. The enterprise carried forward the team spirit, and it took only 15 months to put the fatigue testing machine into production since it had many advantages. The production line is mainly composed of ten parts: raw material drying system, extrusion and melting system, casting machine, longitudinal stretching machine, transverse stretching machine, traction system, winding unit, Slitter, recycling granulation system, electrical control system, etc. It can produce three-layer coextrusion polyester film with a thickness range of 10~50 microns. The maximum winding width is 5200 mm, and the fastest mechanical design speed is 220 meters per minute. After production, it can produce 10000 tons of polyester film per year

experts identified that the technology of this production line has fully reached the level of foreign countries in the mid and late 1990s, and the construction cost of the production line is only one third of that of similar imported lines. The newly developed technologies and devices for this production line fill many gaps in China, marking a new step in the design and manufacture of biaxial tensile equipment in China, It has laid a solid foundation for the leapfrog development and high-tech application of electromechanical integration of large-scale packaging machinery equipment in China

at the ceremony, all employees of Nanjing lanpucheng company extended support and assistance to China National Packaging Corporation in the construction of the project; To Nanjing municipal government and government departments; To the local government and science and technology park where the project is located; To Shantou Far East Equipment Co., Ltd., Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and other cooperative units; We express our heartfelt thanks to Huizhou Yidu Stationery Co., Ltd., Qingzhou Hongli coating factory, Haixin packaging materials Co., Ltd. and other users

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