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The first digital substation of Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd. is about to be put into operation. Mianyang, Sichuan, Dec. 22: good news came from Mianyang today. Sichuan electric power company successfully completed the first on-site inspection of electronic transformers in Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd.'s first digital substation in Mianyang. Experts said that the successful completion of the on-site inspection marked the official countdown to the commissioning of Sichuan Electric's first digital substation

the first digital substation of Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd. is about to be put into operation.

experts said that electronic transformer, as the eye of digital substation, plays an important role in the normal operation of Mianyang Nanta 110 kV digital substation. Therefore, the quality inspection and acceptance of electronic transformer must rely on the trial and Research Institute to provide strong technical support for the station. The detection of electronic transformer for Nanta station is the first time in the system of Sichuan electric power company, and leaders at all levels of relevant departments of Sichuan electric power company and trial research institute attach great importance to this work. After receiving the task assigned by the provincial power company, the electric energy measurement center of the pilot research institute immediately established a research group on the quality inspection system of electronic transformers, and made careful preparations for the on-site inspection scheme and digital equipment, In December, if it was not the manufacturer, the price would be higher than the manufacturer's price. From April 4 to August 8, a field research team was sent to Nanta station to conduct field performance tests on 17 sets of 110 kV electronic transformers

during the on-site inspection, the members of the research team overcame the adverse conditions of complex on-site conditions and low temperature, fully carried forward the fine tradition that the scientific and technological personnel of the trial and Research Institute were not afraid of hardship and fatigue, learned from the relevant technical personnel with an open mind, thought and analyzed frequently, and developed two sets of methods to deal with the test. In the end, the paper packaging industry will encounter many difficulties in the new transit service, successfully completed the first performance test, and timely communicated with the manufacturer and the construction unit on the problems found in the test, put forward solutions, and successfully completed the testing task. In this regard, the manufacturer representative said with emotion: This is the first time in all our cooperation that we have encountered such a serious and rigorous acceptance test. Through cooperation, we greatly admire the technical strength and excellence of Sichuan electric power

relevant departments confirmed that the real economy of electric energy measurement of the trial and Research Institute has developed rapidly to the extremely fast landslide. The detection data of the center for the south tower station will lay a solid foundation for the smooth operation of the south tower station, and will also become the valuable experience of the subsequent construction of digital substation of Sichuan electric power company

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