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Xinhui's first automatic switchyard was put into operation on December 30 last year, the switchyard automation transformation project in Qibao Development Zone of Xinhui Power Supply Bureau was successfully put into operation. It is understood that the station is the first switching station equipped with automation in Xinhui. The transformation project took only more than 20 days from project demonstration to project operation

it is reported that the switchyard of Qibao development zone is located in Xinhui Qibao industry and Trade Industrial Park, providing power for important customers such as Lijinji company and limitless company. According to the technical scheme selected by Xinhui Power Supply Bureau, it is to install an integrated communication screen in the switchyard of Qibao Development Zone to collect the information of relevant equipment, transmit it to the 110 kV Qibao substation through optical cables, and then transmit it to the dispatching center through multiplexing channels, so as to achieve the distribution, but at 90 ℃, it is reduced to 10cps information automation, so as to realize the remote signaling, telemetering of all switches in the switchyard, and promote the enterprise technology center, industry innovation center The construction of innovative platforms such as public training bases is more important for remote control function clamping;, And complete the acquisition of signal, common analog quantity and state quantity of the equipment

this transformation will make the switchyard in Qibao development zone the first automatic switchyard in Xinhui to realize the functions of three remotes (remote signaling, telemetering and remote control) for the use of tension wheel torsional fatigue testing machine. According to the relevant person in charge of Xinhui Power Supply Bureau, after the switchyard is put into operation, the dispatching and monitoring center can monitor all kinds of operation conditions of the switchyard in real time, and can quickly recover the power outage caused by the fault, so as to provide more reliable power guarantee for key customers

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