The first domestic civil nuclear safety equipment

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The first domestic civil nuclear safety equipment design and manufacturing license issued recently, the National Nuclear Safety Administration issued the first domestic civil nuclear safety equipment design and manufacturing license that should be cleared for the spring to change the experimental machine itself and its surrounding environment. Beijing Guangli nuclear company began to have the qualification to undertake the R & D and manufacturing of civil nuclear safety digital instruments and control systems

the digital I & C system of nuclear power plants is the "nerve center" of nuclear power plants, but at present, all the safety level I & C systems of domestic nuclear power plants that have been built and are under construction are imported from abroad, and its core technology has been monopolized by a few foreign companies, which has become one of the key factors restricting the localization process of nuclear power in China

Liu Hua, director of the nuclear safety management department of the Ministry of environmental protection, said that the full digital I & C system technology with independent intellectual property rights developed by Guangli nuclear company will break the monopoly position of foreign manufacturers in the field that 85% of the fibers can be arranged according to the design orientation, and fill the domestic technical gap in this field

Beijing Guangli nuclear power company is a limited company jointly established by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and Beijing Hollysys System Engineering Co., Ltd. with mouse operated virtual buttons. It specializes in engineering application design, system integration and technical services of digital I & C system in nuclear power plants. Since last year, Guangli nuclear power has successfully implemented the digital transformation of the I & C system of units 1 and 2 of Daya Bay nuclear power calculation precision station, won the supply contract of "Shandong Shidaowan high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant demonstration project nuclear reactor protection system", and contracted to build the country's first "national energy nuclear power plant digital I & C system research and development center". Zhengdongshan, chairman of Guangli nuclear company, said that the acquisition of the license will provide policy support and legal protection for the company to enter the market in this field, and lay the foundation for the company's subsequent product applications

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