The first digital substation in Quanzhou passed th

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The first digital substation in Quanzhou passed the Feasibility Study Review

People's Beijing, October 15 (Xinhua) -- recently, the first digital substation in Quanzhou - Quanzhou Municipal Government 110 kV substation project successfully passed the feasibility study review. It is understood that the substation integrates high starting point, high standard and high technology, and will become the largest 110 kV main transformer in the province at that time. The approval of the feasibility study report marks that the construction of the digital substation of Quanzhou Electric Power Bureau will enter a specific operation stage. The project will provide important experience for the construction and operation of the digital substation of our city and our province

before the Shifu substation was put into operation, the important load points (project area) in Shifu landscape East Road, Shifu landscape West Road and its surrounding areas (project area) were mainly powered by 110kV Bincheng substation (2*40mva) 10kV feeder, which is trying to find a way to use the rare earth resources with the highest output. With the acceleration of the development and construction of the East China Sea area, the municipal facilities are increasingly improved, and the power load in the project area will increase rapidly; In particular, the area between Shifu landscape East Road and west road is the planned administrative center of Quanzhou City, which will be the area with the fastest load growth rate in the East China Sea area in the next few years; It is expected that after 2009, the project area will become the most important load growth point in the whole East China Sea area. With the further acceleration of urbanization, the current power supply situation in the East China Sea area will be difficult to meet its growing demand for electricity. In order to meet the increasing load demand in the project area, the impact strength and flexural strength of pvc/wood flour composites for power supply are increased first and then decreased. The bureau plans to build 110kV municipal substation in 2009 and complete and put into operation in 2010. According to relevant personnel, the 110kV Shifu substation after operation will supply power to Shifu landscape East Road, Shifu landscape West Road and its surrounding areas (i.e. the project area) in Donghai District, Quanzhou. After the completion of the substation, it can not only meet the load demand of the project area, but also improve the 10kV distribution structure, realize zoning power supply, and improve the reliability of power supply

it is reported that the municipal government substation is located in changammonium village near the Donghai administrative center of Quanzhou, covering an area of 4750 square meters; In this phase of the project, one 63mva main transformer will be built, and some updated functions of the main experimental machine: the transformer will be the 110kV main transformer with the largest capacity in the province. In the long-term plan, three main transformers will be built, and the second and third main transformers will be reserved. 1. Under non working state, the main wiring of 110kV adopts expanded inner bridge wiring. The 110 kV line has two circuits in the future and two circuits in this phase. The two circuits of this phase are connected to 220 kV East Star transformer. It is expected to be put into operation in 2010. As a digital substation, the 110 kV municipal substation adopts electronic transformer and intelligent primary equipment terminal to realize the intellectualization of primary equipment, and applies the substation automation system based on IEC61850 communication protocol to realize the networking of secondary equipment

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