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The first computer proofing machine for cartons and cartons in China passed the appraisal

recently, the CAD/CAM computer proofing machine for cartons and cartons developed by Wenzhou Aoke computer cutting equipment factory passed the appraisal of new products in Zhejiang Province. The evaluation of CAD/CAM carton computer proofing machine by the appraisal committee is the first in China, and its performance has reached the international level of similar machines. The new product not only has great potential in the domestic market, but also has obvious competitiveness in the international market. Its promotion and application prospects are very broad, with obvious economic and social effects. At this stage, the main product is a high-energy nickel based cathode material - enhanced lithium nickel oxide (elno)

The CAD/CAM computer printer for cartons and cartons is developed on the basis of the "automatic cutting machine for garment templates" launched by the factory, using a number of patented technologies for structural innovation. It is a kind of cam that adopts professional carton packaging design software technology and three-dimensional technology, and works directly online with the system with data-based information. It has the functions of using CAD software to draw ideas on packaging materials or select box samples, modify and access the box shape, cut box samples according to the design graphics, and press lines while cutting and helping the battery run samples safely in the whole service life cycle, As well as the multi-function machine head integrating cutting/drawing/pressing line, stainless steel timing belt, and the vacuum negative pressure suction platform with adjustable flatness. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, the factory adheres to the principle of localization, and in terms of building a characteristic industrial base, such as computer control parts, servo motors, sensor components and metal materials, all of which are selected from China, realizing the competition with foreign imported machines with the best performance price ratio, and the sales price is only 1/6 of the imported similar products, which is very popular in the domestic and foreign markets. At present, this product not only has many users in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangdong, but also sells to France, Russia, Australia, Chile, Malaysia and Taiwan, China

the relevant experts organized by the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province carefully identified the CAD/CAM carton computer proofing machine. This kind of module will eventually be used in the automobile manufacturing of BMW. According to the identification requirements of the measures for the identification of scientific and technological achievements, the measures for the identification of scientific and technological achievements of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang FA Ji (2003) No. 255 document, enterprise standards: Q/wak02-2004 and Q/wak03- 2004, the product was strictly reviewed, The appraisal conclusion is that the relevant technical data of the CAD/CAM carton computer proofing machine is correct, complete and unified, in line with the regulations, and the technical indicators of the product meet the requirements of the product "enterprise standard", which is consistent with the inspection report of Zhejiang Fangyuan inspection group, and it is agreed to pass the provincial new product appraisal. In addition, according to the relevant personnel of the factory, the CAD/CAM garment computer cutting machine developed by the factory also passed the provincial new product appraisal on the same day

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