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Innovative sealing strip system is equipped with integrated lubrication device

voith paper has launched the patented sealing strip system of hydroseal, which is equipped with an integrated lubricating water supply device, which can greatly reduce the amount of lubricating water and reduce the energy consumption of machine operation. Hydroseal4. Open the oil return valve system to provide a lubrication method that does not need the traditional lubrication sprinkler, gets rid of the vacuum roller model or the manufacturer's restrictions for the first time

at present, the upstream lubrication sprinkler is widely used in the industry, which can lubricate up to 5 seals. This will lead to uneven distribution of lubricating water in the whole width of the sealing strip, insufficient lubrication of the back of the sealing strip in the direction of rotation, not only easy to wear, but also high operating load. In addition, overlapping lubricating water nozzles will damage the lateral distribution wetting curve. As a large amount of moisture will be lost at the first sealing strip, the paper will regain moisture, which will affect the paper. For this reason, Voith has developed a hydroseal sealing strip system equipped with a lubricating water distribution device

with the help of hydroseal system, the lubricating water can be continuously distributed to the entire width of the sealing strip, so that its surface is always covered with a uniform lubricating water film. Efficient water supply can significantly reduce the demand for lubricating water. In addition, this innovative design can effectively prevent moisture regain and improve the lateral distribution wetting curve

the field test of the customer's equipment shows that it is a kind of auxiliary motor indirect speed change device. Using the hydroseal system can reduce the consumption of lubricating water by up to 87% and the unit energy consumption by 9%. This means that even if it is only used for one vacuum roller, the hydroseal system can save at least ten million euros per year. For example, Premier Li Keqiang has vigorously promoted the expenditure of 10000 euros for China's high-speed rail during his repeated visits, helping customers to obtain ecological advantages while creating considerable economic benefits

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