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Covestro launched a number of innovative waterborne polyurethane raw materials

covestro launched a number of innovative waterborne polyurethane raw materials

December 25, 2017

as the inventor of polyurethane technology, covestro, with its 80 year innovation history and in-depth regional and global linkage R & D and supply network, is working with industrial chain partners to jointly develop high-quality, high-performance Environmental friendly polyurethane adhesive solutions lead the new trend of water-based adhesive technology. Recently, covestro launched a number of innovative water-based polyurethane raw materials developed locally for shoe glue applications. Among them, dispercoll u58/1 is a new generation of water-based shoe collagen material suitable for automatic bonding process, which conforms to the development trend of automatic manufacturing in the shoe industry and performs well in performance; Dispercoll u62 XP is a new one component waterborne polyurethane shoe collagen material, which can meet the needs of shoe manufacturers to further optimize the bonding process and improve efficiency

kostron paint, sticky 3, bear heavier load; Use environmental friendly lubricating oil; Li Jinqi, vice president of technology application and development Asia Pacific region of mixture and special chemicals business department, said, "Covestro has always been in the leading position in the application field of water-based shoe adhesive. Especially in recent years, covestro has been constantly bringing high-performance and environmental friendly adhesive solutions at a faster innovation speed according to the market demand and industry trends. Covestro is committed to promoting cross industry chain cooperation, including innovative cooperation with shoe brands and shoe factories, accelerating the commercialization of new materials and achieving win-win results."

the scientific research and development center of covestro polymers in Shanghai was upgraded into the innovation center of covestro Asia Pacific region in 2013. Now, the center can not only provide the application and development of waterborne polyurethane adhesives for various industries, but also have the ability of product innovation and better serve the local market

shoe glue solution for automatic process

due to the shortage of labor and the increase of employment cost, the trend of production automation has developed rapidly in the shoe industry. At present, the semi-automatic system has been widely used in shoe factories in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. In the next few years, with the further upgrading of automation in the shoemaking industry, robot spraying system is expected to be widely used. Dispercoll u58/1 is a new product launched by kostron, which is suitable for semi-automatic sizing process. Dispercoll u58/1 has excellent initial adhesion and late performance, such as hydrolysis resistance and heat resistance, and has obvious advantages in pipe plugging resistance. It is worth mentioning that dispercoll u58/1 has been widely used in the traditional painting process, which effectively improves the construction efficiency with its excellent brushing ease. While maintaining excellent performance, its extensive substrate adaptability helps design photoelectric induction, which provides more advanced technicians with greater design space and becomes more flexible in material design and selection

new one component waterborne polyurethane shoe adhesive solution

the innovation in the sports shoe industry is very active. Major brands continue to explore new designs, materials and technologies in the field of appearance style, performance and shoemaking technology, such as gb/t11352 (2) 009 cast carbon steel parts for general engineering. In order to help shoe factories simplify the process and improve the bonding efficiency, kostron launched a new one component waterborne polyurethane shoe adhesive solution. Compared with the traditional two-component waterborne polyurethane system, the use of one component waterborne polyurethane materials can save the on-site mixing process and truly realize a simple process. Other features include no limitation of application period, which can improve processing convenience, save equipment and labor, reduce material waste, and can be applied to automatic sizing process

ordinary one component waterborne polyurethane dispersions are often unsatisfactory in terms of key final properties such as late heat resistance and water resistance. Dispercoll u62 XP proved to be equivalent to the commercially available two-component water-based technology in terms of heat resistance and water resistance in the later stage. For example, in the heat resistance test, dispercoll u62 XP can achieve the result of 0.50cm under the standard G41 test conditions, which is far lower than the normal 1.27cm

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