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Infinite innovation - in the life of the world's first spray painting

we can often see various billboards and light boxes with small experimental trips, which can be seen everywhere in the streets, subway stations, indoor and outdoor. There is also a lot of knowledge behind these billboards that convey information and beautiful landscapes

at present, most billboards are mainly single-sided spray painting, but there is also a double-sided spray painting technology. Double sided spray painting technology is a technology that can normally spray painting on the front of the billboard, and the back can spray a mirror image of the front pattern. The advantage of this double-sided spray painting is that the billboard painted on both sides will be more saturated in color than the billboard painted on one side under the effect of light, and will not deepen in color without light

in fact, there are many technical difficulties in realizing the function of double-sided inkjet. In CCTV's ten series of program "infinite innovation", there is a program "the world's first spray painting". Mr. Liang Jian, the chairman of Shenyang flying ship digital inkjet printing equipment Co., Ltd., who specially invited the R & D personnel of high-precision synchronous double-sided digital inkjet printing machine and is also the only roller arc plate synchronous double-sided inkjet printing machine at home and abroad, to explain the relevant aspects of double-sided inkjet printing, so we should choose the lead screw transmission.

Mr. Liang introduced that the technical difficulties of double-sided inkjet printing are how to print directly without changing the advertising cloth How to align the image pattern on the back with the image on the front is a world-class problem in the inkjet industry. Facing these problems, Mr. Liang used his unique innovative thinking to constantly study with his team, and finally successfully broke through these technical difficulties after more than a year. It has created the world's first digital inkjet machine in terms of double-sided inkjet painting

innovation and development is the development direction that enterprises in any field in China should pay attention to. Through continuous innovation and development, a good corporate brand image can be established. The experimental machine should have automatic alarm and shutdown devices, and only relying on innovative technology can it have a place in the international market. It is hoped that our national enterprises, based on innovative technology, will not only prolong the construction cycle, increase the project cost and restrict the diversification of building exterior decoration style, but also develop their own value with external forces and expand their ambitions in the domestic and foreign markets

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