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This term the Year 2 children at Queen’s College have been learning all about plantshe said, during his Friday briefing.. They have been growing bulbs and seeds to observe the differences and similarities between these types of plants and their growth patternsThe roadblocks. The children then potted some bean and cress plants in different environments to find out which conditions would be the best to promote optimum growth.

The children watered their plants everyday to keep them healthy. They measured their rootsThe first countries in western Europe to mandat, shoots and stemsThe University Health Network at Toronto, The children then produced some lovely observational drawings of their plants. They wrote scientific descriptions of what they had seen. The children are now so excited to find out the final results of their experiments and to see if any of their plants produce flowers!

Growing plants is an important area of the school curriculum. Planting seeds gives the children a purposeful opportunity to work cooperatively on real tasks. Discussing their work enables the children to explore scientific language and make predictions about their experiments with plants. Tracking the growth of plants creates wonderful moments to celebrate in class as the plants produce new shoots and start to flower. The activities provide a context to understand seasons and life cycles.

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