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The influence of bar code mark on commodity packaging and decoration

bar code mark is the commodity information specially for computer to read. The reason for the rapid popularization of bar code is not only that bar code technology is a necessary condition for modern commerce, but also that bar code marks have an unexpected decorating effect on commodities. The author here talks about the ten influences of bar code marks on the effect of commodity packaging and decoration

bar code mark is the product information for computer to read. It took only seven or eight years for China to introduce and use a few commodities at first, and to appear in a wide range of commodities today. The reason for the rapid popularization of bar code is not only that bar code technology is a necessary condition for modern commerce, but also that bar code marks have an unexpected decorating effect on commodities. The author here talks about the influence of bar code marks on the effect of commodity packaging and decoration

first, making the packaging and decoration of goods more contemporary

chasing the trend of the times is a manifestation of the significant improvement of the speed-up and steering performance of the car in the consumer psychology. Because bar code logo is a kind of graphic symbol with a strong sense of the times, its application in commodity packaging and decoration has undoubtedly become the favored object of these consumer groups

second, adapt to consumers' curious psychology

curious psychology everyone has. When the goods with bar code logo first appeared on the market, it has aroused the curiosity of many consumers. Driven by curiosity, consumers have purchase motivation, so that these goods can smoothly open the market and occupy the market

third, adapt to the "visual psychology" of consumers.

among many things in daily life, people's eyes are always the first to see those familiar and most recognizable things. These things are most likely to arouse people's interest and impulse, attention and feedback, closeness and pleasure, which is the "visual psychology" playing a dominant role. In the sea of dazzling commodities, commodities with bar code signs always sell faster than those without bar code signs, which is also the function of "visual psychology"

IV. the unique performance personality forms a sharp aesthetic contrast with the decoration pattern.

the graphic symbols of bar code logo are more eye-catching in the colorful packaging and decoration atmosphere with its neat and consistent, dense and balanced, monochromatic and not monotonous appearance. This harmony between lines and pictures makes consumers feel pleasing to the eye and never tire of seeing

v. add knowledge and interest to packaging and decoration.

it is human nature to love learning and constantly acquire all kinds of knowledge. After the application of bar code logo in the packaging and decoration of commodities, it objectively plays a role in spreading knowledge. Many consumers have known the commercial use of electronic computers, super malls, and ideal lightweight replacement materials for car hubs and seat frames since they came into contact with packaging products with bar code marks. All these make the packaging and decoration with bar code look "interesting"

VI. it provides a new expression method for decoration

the effect of bar code logo applied to packaging and decoration is easy to remind people of the situation that people often stop and meditate when they find a small thing with little claws and branches when wandering in the natural environment. Although the bar code logo is small, it adds another eye-catching content to the packaging and decoration. 5 experimental steps the increase of bar code marks also provides a new expression method for the continuous innovation of packaging and decoration varieties, the lasting appeal design of decoration composition, the visual effect of tone application, and the staggered echo of Chinese characters, letters and patterns

VII. Make people vaguely associate with some beautiful things that people love.

associating with some beautiful things from bar code logo may be just a flash in the mind of consumers when they see the packaging and decoration with bar code logo. A moment, a cross-section of thinking, is a vague reflection in the mind. When seeing bar code signs, consumers are easily connected with human qualities and sentiments such as directness, justice, simplicity, wisdom, stability, implication, rigor, refinement, fashion and Modernity in their minds

VIII. Make the design of packaging and decoration have more design ideas

people who have been engaged in packaging and decoration have such an experience that packaging and decoration works can not be used to stretch, shrink, zigzag, shear, peel and other mechanical properties of metallic and non-metallic materials. The experiments are too fancy and can not be too flat. Therefore, finding the best design between the two has become the goal of packaging and decoration work. The participation of bar code logo graphics in decoration extends the scheme of decoration design. From the perspective of aesthetic effect, bar code logo is not vulgar and insipid, which adds a lot of color to the overall decoration effect. Designers have broader ideas on the application of skills in the overall conceptual design, color block effect comparison, content arrangement balance, uneven brightness of cold and warm, etc

IX. it is in line with the characteristics of the fast pace of social life in the market economy

the fast pace of work and life is a remarkable feature of social life under the conditions of the market economy. Bar code marks are quick and fast, whether they are used in the information transmission of practical technical purposes or in the psychological feeling of consumers when they are used in packaging and decoration. The bar code mark can be seen from the graph. Its neat and uniform, dense echo, balanced and stable, compact and orderly connotation is completely compatible with the high efficiency and fast pace of modern life

X. make the packaging and decoration more in line with the modern artistic spirit of "simplicity, brightness, refinement and novelty"

the standard to evaluate whether a thing conforms to the spirit of modern art can only be the art law and the art law itself. The neat and uniform bar code logo graphics and the orderly arrangement between bars make the packaging and decoration visually fully conform to the simple, lively, exquisite and novel modern artistic spirit. Although bar code logo is not a subjectively designed work of art, its objective effect seems to be a work of art formed by the artistic conception and artistic generalization of artists. Coupled with the foil of decoration patterns, its modern style is more prominent. The packaging of goods is also more beautiful and richer because of the addition of bar code logo graphics. It can be said that bar code graphics and commodity packaging decoration complement each other

information source: Langfeng barcode

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