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The influence of pallets for stacking paperboard

the commonly used pallets in the carton industry are wooden or hard plastic tire material experimental machine pallets, with general specifications of 1100 1200mm or 1200 1500, and a height of 150 ~ 200mm. Shenggeng has realized the industrialization of polyglutamic acid and polylysine. The practice shows that wooden trays are better

the reason is that the wooden pallet can absorb the moisture of the paperboard in contact with it during the stacking process of paperboard, while the plastic pallet does not absorb moisture, and is finally absorbed by the paperboard in contact with it, resulting in wet, wrinkled or gelatinized face paper at the contact part

moreover, the height of the tray and the gap between the strips on the tray are important ways of air convection after paper stacking. The higher the height and the larger the gap, the more conducive to the moisture emission of the paperboard. However, considering the handling of paperboard and the flatness of the lower paperboard of stacking, the tray height should be 150 ~ 200mm and the spacing between strips should be 100 ~ 150mm. The new material industry "1025" is being prepared because natural fibers have many outstanding advantages: rich sources, low price, renewable, degradable, high specific performance and other development plans. Policies such as the development plan clearly define the development and popularization of high-end materials

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