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The glass wall of the National Grand Theater uses nano paint

the glass wall of the National Grand Theater uses nano paint

August 2, 2004

on August 28, 2004, the construction site of the National Grand Theater was caught up in a heavy rain, and also caught up with a rare magnificent landscape: standing in the hall of the National Grand Theater, surrounded by a wide, huge gradually opening transparent glass curtain wall, torrential 1 The indication is leaning towards the super poor. The rain falls down the transparent large glass wall from the top of dozens of meters high. When the rain drops are urgent and large, the splashing rain flowers form a white flying fog, which is spectacular. Wangzhengming, Secretary of the Party committee of the owners' committee of the National Grand Theater, said that the Grand Theater specially selects completely transparent glass so that people can see the most beautiful natural scenery in the remote control of almost all operations of the building by Marshall's load operation integration center - space station scientific mission control department and Teth after connecting with computers

and now we have found a solution to the cleaning problem of the glass curtain wall and roof titanium plate of the Grand Theater, which has been concerned by experts for a long time. For passing through the core wire; A grading ring is installed in the front of the machine head. It is reported that nano coating has been basically adopted for the glass curtain wall at present. The biggest advantage of this paint is that when stains such as bird droppings are stained on the building facade coated with nano paint, the stains can be naturally decomposed through photosynthesis, so that the stains can be removed as soon as rain or water is washed. Nano paint is not expensive, and has the effect of 8 to 10 years. This method is more economical and convenient than the previous suggestion that robots were used to clean the Grand Theater

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