Glass prices will enter a period of fluctuation in

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Glass prices will enter a period of fluctuation in the near future

according to glass futures news: on August 22, when the installation of some experimental force sensors was not level, the 2001 contract opened at 1426 yuan/ton, the highest at 1422003 27 yuan/ton, the lowest at 1416 yuan/ton, and the closing at 1420 yuan/ton. Compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day, it fell by 2 yuan/ton, or 0.14%. The trading volume was 181720, and the position increased by 13466 to 378230

industry news: 1. Zhangzhou Qibin float white glass resumed production and ignition in August. 2. In July, the sales volume of heavy truck vehicles was 80000, up 2% year-on-year, down 27% month on month, with a total of 730000, down 2% year-on-year; The inventory warning index of auto dealers was 62.2%, up 11.8% month on month

spot price of glass: 1. On August 19, the ex factory price of 5mm float glass in Hebei safety was quoted at 1447 yuan/ton; 2. In East China, Shandong Jurun 5mm float glass is priced at 1596 yuan/ton. 3. In Central China, the spot price of 5mm float glass in Wuhan Changli was reported at 1531 yuan/ton. 4. Installation of samples

to sum up: the industry conference will be held as scheduled, and most of the participating enterprises will immediately cut off the power supply price, and the peripheral enterprises will follow suit. The expectation of future peak demand season supports the price. The glass index rose month on month, but fell year on year, indicating that the market this year is not as good as last year. The unit operating rate of upstream soda ash production enterprises has been reduced, the environmental protection inspection has become stricter, and the downstream demand has not been substantially improved. At present, the delivery of production enterprises is basically normal, but the orders of downstream processing enterprises have not changed much month on month. On the whole, glass manufacturers generally raised the price at yuan/ton. At present, the futures price is basically the same as the increase. The market tends to be stable in the short term, and some enterprises negotiate to raise the price again

it is expected that glass prices will enter a period of fluctuation in the near future

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