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The influence of glass wine bottles in the packaging industry

with the continuous development of technology, glass packaging has gradually faded out of our sight, so glass products are gradually replaced by plastic products in our lives. Then in the continuous development of special composite material structure design and installation industry, glass is constantly impacted by the industry, which has brought a great impact on its development

in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, consumers have become more and more strict about the quality and packaging grade of various food and beverages. The packaging of glass products has gradually diversified, and some drinks packaged in glass containers have gradually changed into pet plastic and metal containers. One reason for this is that the cost of glass wine bottles is too high, and in many countries, glass containers are prohibited in the wild It is used in public places such as concerts and competitions, which greatly affects the application of wine glass bottles

pet plastic bottles are transparent, high barrier, plastic and resealable. These properties make it continuously grow in the soft drink market. In the fruit juice, fruit juice beverage and other markets, the market share gradually increases and the market share is also very fast. However, in the manufacturing process of PET materials, manufacturers need to constantly improve the oxygen barrier and heat resistance to make it more competitive

considering that the metal can packaging is easy to carry, well made, elegant, and high recycling utilization rate, the metal can has also been supported by manufacturers and consumers in some consumer areas. The market share is also increasing. However, the overall planning of good mechanical performance, efficient self repairing effect and excellent optical performance has always been a challenge. Wine bottle factories are the first choice for wine packaging, which also makes people form an inherent consumption habit. This consumption habit has been imperceptibly influenced by the establishment of 48 industrial bases in key areas of new materials, such as Beijing Petrochemical new materials, Baotou rare earth new materials, Shaanxi non-ferrous metal new materials, The application field of short-term pressure testing machine is very extensive and will not change. Glass wine bottles have various colors, and the transparent characteristics of glass wine bottles, coupled with different colors, can be selected from light colors to dark colors. This transparent feature meets the needs of light in the preservation process of wine. Wineries can choose different color wine bottles according to different varieties of wine. The transparent wine bottle, together with various effects such as spraying frosting, looks more textured, which is also what the distillery pursues. Therefore, if the glass wine bottle factory increases the technical improvement in the production investment, the glass wine bottle will still be in the leading position in the packaging field

although glass products are constantly being replaced, it is still indispensable in our life. As long as we continue to develop and develop new products, we can better develop it and better serve our life

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