The battle of Hamlet under the most popular high p

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Battle of "Hamlet" under high pressure of Tu enterprise

battle of "Hamlet" under high pressure of Tu enterprise

December 15, 2016

[China paint information] survival or death? This is a problem

for coating enterprises, this problem is imminent

last Friday was the "Black Friday" for coating enterprises, and the news that a large number of small and medium-sized coating enterprises were closed for rectification spread in the industry. The coating industry, which has been developing rapidly for decades, has stood on the fork of fate, left to right? Paint enterprises have reached the fork of fate, survival or death? Tu enterprises are facing a "Hamlet" war - not only with their opponents, but also with themselves

with the development and deepening of the national supply side reform, coating enterprises, which have been dominated by "extensive development", are facing the threat of "death". One of the main reasons for this round of "bankruptcy tide" is the "extensive development" of coating enterprises. For a long time, the entry threshold of the coating industry has been low, and coating enterprises have opened all over the country, including many small and medium-sized enterprises mainly producing "low-end products". Because they neglected the research and development of new products and technologies, the problem of product homogeneity in the domestic coating market was serious, and backward production capacity was surplus. However, in the context of the vigorous implementation of the "supply side reform", various problems and contradictions in the coating industry will be intensified. Some small and medium-sized enterprises are at a disadvantage in product quality or face a severe test of survival. If they do not seek transformation and upgrading, they will only face the risk of being eliminated

2016 is the most difficult year for coating enterprises; On the one hand, some markets tend to be saturated, and the sales of coating products are difficult to grow; On the other hand, the soaring prices of raw materials have threatened the survival of many coating enterprises. In October, the Chinese government launched the most stringent real estate regulation and control policy, which directly affected more than 80 related industries, and coating enterprises were deeply affected. The decline of China's economy is like putting heavy handcuffs and foot chains on paint enterprises, making it difficult to move forward. It is understood that in 2016, nearly one-third of small and medium-sized enterprises in the coating industry were in a state of loss, and the direct consequence of excess capacity was the difficulty of enterprise capital turnover, which in turn led to a vicious circle, with enterprises closing down one after another

"extensive development" has laid the foreshadowing of the frenzy of bankruptcy

about 80% of China's current coating industry are small and medium-sized enterprises, but these small and medium-sized coating enterprises account for more than half of the domestic coating market share. Under the influence of environmental protection pressure, supply side reform, rising raw material prices and other factors, more than 50% of these 80% coating enterprises will face the dilemma of bankruptcy. Even if they do not close down medium-sized coating enterprises, they will also adopt the way of layoffs to reduce the enterprise picture source: camness University/Rico welzel operating costs to ensure the daily operation of the enterprise. At the beginning of 2016, DuPont, an international chemical giant, made the first decision to cut 1700 jobs globally with a total investment of about 500million yuan. International giants are overwhelmed. How does the production pressure of small and medium-sized enterprises affect the quality of our machines? Is the price high? Can the service life be guaranteed? It goes without saying that these are the worries of some new customers

in fact, the rapid development of China's coating industry has laid the groundwork for today's frenzy of bankruptcy. Since the 21st century, domestic coating enterprises have been busy expanding new plants across the country, copying each other, fighting price wars and seizing the market, ignoring the research and development of new products and new technologies, resulting in low competitiveness among domestic coating enterprises, increasingly serious homogenization of coating products, and unfair competition among coating enterprises are common. This extensive development ultimately makes products uncompetitive, As a result, many small and medium-sized coating enterprises closed down

environmental protection policies increase illegal costs

the chemical industry has always been regarded as a high pollution industry. Under the heavy pressure of environmental protection policies, many chemical enterprises are facing great pressure for survival. The paint industry is one of the most representative industries, and of course, it can't escape its blame. The new "environmental protection law", "paint consumption tax", "VOC emission standard of furniture manufacturing industry" and other environmental protection regulations have been issued one after another. As a "major household" of environmental protection issues that have attracted the attention of the Ministry of environmental protection, paint enterprises should be the key implementation enterprises. In May 2016, the State Council issued the action plan for the prevention and control of soil pollution, which requires that by 2020, the aggravating trend of soil pollution in the country will be initially curbed. The "soil ten articles" will focus on the supervision of petroleum exploitation, petroleum processing, chemical industry, coking and other industries, and the coating industry is certainly listed. At the end of May, after Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan, Tianjin, Liaoning, Zhejiang and Hebei provinces began to levy VOCs emission fees, Shandong Province became the 11th provincial-level region (including municipalities directly under the central government) in China, and officially issued a document notifying the pilot to levy VOCs emission fees

with the increasingly serious environmental pollution in China in recent years, the state has begun to increase its environmental protection policies and irregularly conduct surprise inspections on the chemical industry. The Ministry of environmental protection directly announced the supervision and reporting. Once the environmental violations of the reported enterprises are true, they will face closure and rectification and heavy fines. This is another blow to some coating enterprises whose environmental protection facilities do not meet the standards. Not only that, recently, some provincial and municipal environmental protection departments have successively released a list of enterprises that have eliminated backward production capacity. Among these lists that have been ordered to be eliminated and closed, coating enterprises also occupy a certain share

the form is not optimistic, but the future is not necessarily dark.

since the reform and opening up, China's coating enterprises have mushroomed throughout the country, and national coating enterprises have blossomed everywhere. However, in the face of the new normal of current economic development, supply side reform, environmental protection governance, rising raw material prices and other new features, coating enterprises have encountered unprecedented crises and tests. Coating enterprises are in a critical period of transformation and development, which is also a painful period for the coating industry

you can't doubt your path just because you encounter difficulties. Some paint enterprises should stick to it no matter what situation they encounter, and this kind of adherence is not blindly conformist, let alone stick to a corner, but to keep pace with the times and conform to the trend. No matter whether the coating industry is "bullish" or "bullish", coating enterprises will be presented in a new way. Colorful, multifunctional, personalized and environmental protection are emerging. What people have to do with paint, which is still struggling, is not to forget their original intention and follow the trend

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