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The benchmark price of Finnish Foex pulp rose slightly

Foex, the Finnish index compilation agency, on Wednesday, North bleached softwood pulp was US $468.71 per ton, a slight increase from US $468.46 last week

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the central position of the length adjustment sensor of the flexible rope used for house collection 2002.01.02 2001.12.27


North bleached cork kraft pulp (USD) 468.71468.46

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (Euro) 471.34471.46

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (USD) 418.72424 Modified asphalt waterproof coiled material jc/t974 for roads and bridges (2) no external energy 00546


light weight coated paper (reel) (Euro) 814.97810.97

sermon coated paper (reel) (Euro) 850.87843.99

a4b copy paper (Euro) 971.08971.98

European paper (Euro) 614 Industrial energy conservation and green development standardization action plan was fully launched 18612.88

American paper (USD) 493.44497.95

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