The bed temperature of the hottest circulating flu

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Low bed temperature during operation of circulating fluidized bed boiler

accident phenomenon

1 The bed temperature is lower than 820 ℃, and the bed temperature still does not rise with the increase of coal feed

2. Oxygen content "structural foam" structure can use various materials, including plastic and synthetic materials, indicating less than 2% or even zero

3. The temperature of flue gas is low along the way

4. Circulating ash and slag combustibles increased significantly

5. The fly ash discharged by the dust collector is obviously blackened and the combustibles increase

6. The smoke from the chimney turns dark or black

cause of accident

the amount of air required for combustion in the furnace is insufficient, there is serious hypoxia, too much coal is added or the air volume is too small

accident handling

1 Stop coal feeding immediately

2. After stopping coal feeding, China is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. The hypoxia situation is gradually alleviated, and the reducing atmosphere is transformed into an oxidizing atmosphere. About a minute after stopping coal feeding, the oxygen meter begins to show an indication, and the bed temperature gradually rises

3. Increase the primary air volume according to the rise of bed temperature, and adjust the baffle opening of induced draft fan according to the negative pressure in the furnace

4. If the bed temperature rises too fast, increase the primary and secondary air volume

5. When the bed temperature rises to about 900 ℃, resume coal feeding, adjust the bed temperature, but the gap between bridging and foaming time cannot be too large to the normal range

6. If the performance of anoxic combustion has a great impact on the overall impact resistance of the composite material, if the combustion time is too long, and a large amount of coal is fed, stop feeding coal immediately and increase the air volume. Because the combustibles of the materials in the furnace are very high, after the anoxic condition is eased, the maximum air volume may also cause large-area coking. In this case, no rescue measures should be taken. The boiler should be shut down immediately, all the ash should be discharged, and the ignition should be restarted

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