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The special bearing machine tool independently developed by the Wazhou equipment company was successfully rolled off the production line

a few days ago, it marked that the Wazhou group had taken new steps on the road of promoting technological progress and realizing independent innovation. At a moment that was a milestone in the development and independent innovation of the bearing equipment of the Wazhou group, the special precision bearing machine tool independently developed by the Wazhou group equipment company was successfully rolled off the production line, which was a great gift to the 60th anniversary of the national day. Wang Lushun, chairman and general manager of Wazhou group, attended the ceremony and delivered a passionate speech

sun Maolin, deputy general manager of Wazhou group, presided over the ceremony of the special machine tool line for bearings

zhangqingde, general manager of the equipment company, reported to the group that the development of 8 machine tools, including a certain specification of deep groove ball bearing inner race NC grinder and a certain specification of deep groove ball bearing outer diameter NC grinder, has proved that the equipment company has the ability to mass produce special grinding machines for large, medium and small bearings and develop major NC equipment, which is the pride of every employee of the equipment company and the pride of the bearing group. In the development process of these 8 sets of equipment, the company made joint efforts to strictly control the quality while pursuing progress, put the interests of users in the first place, and with the determination of "the first bearing equipment" to equip "the first bearing in China", led all equipment personnel to constantly overcome various technical difficulties, and finally reported the victory for Wazhou group and presented a gift for the national day before the National Day

chairman Wang Lushun delivered a passionate speech. He said that on the occasion of the 60th birthday of the Republic, the Wazhou group equipment company held the offline and victory reporting ceremony of special bearing machine tools here. On behalf of all members of the board of directors, the Party committee, the labor union and the management of the group company, I would like to extend warm congratulations to the equipment company

Wang Lu 11. A variety of experimental curve choices: force displacement, force time, force deformation, stress strain, etc. Shun pointed out that in September, with everyone's efforts, the company's production and operation tasks were well completed, and there were many gratifying situations in technological innovation, resource efficiency action, enterprise reform and transformation, and many moving deeds emerged, The completion of the success project presented a generous gift to reporters logging into the search page of Taobao shopping for the 60th anniversary of the national day

Wang Lushun emphasized that the equipment company independently developed 2. The sensor classification of the tension testing machine and the successful offline of the special machine tool for bearing, which reflects the results of the company's reform system and the establishment of the bearing precision machine tool company. We should further strengthen and expand precision machine tool companies and become an important part of enterprise development. In the process of enterprise development, we should further increase the pace of technological innovation and technological progress, and develop a number of internationally competitive products; We will give further play to the role of talents and strive to implement the talent project. Over the years of development, Wazhou has many talents, including a leading group and a middle-level leading group that are especially able to endure hardships and fight, and have a positive style and full energy; There is a very excellent engineering technology research and development team with international level that can produce esterification reaction with hydroxyl in wood flour; There is a sales team that is brave to endure hardship and spreads all over the country; There is a team of diligent, hard-working and United managers; It has a team of excellent technical workers who love the country, love the factory, love their jobs, dare to challenge, and constantly innovate and progress. These teams are the backbone of the development of tile axis. Enterprises should establish a good atmosphere of respecting knowledge, talents, labor and creation

in the sound of festive music, the company's leaders Wang Lushun and Gao yongyang, the general manager of the equipment company Zhang Qingde, the company's old leader Zhao Zhenduo, as well as engineering and technical personnel and employee representatives successfully cut the ribbon for the special bearing machine tool

then, the company's leaders and participants visited the newly developed offline equipment

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