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Deeply plough the "the Belt and Road" Lovol injects new kinetic energy into China's agricultural machinery

deeply plough the "the Belt and Road" Lovol injects new kinetic energy into China's agricultural machinery

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as a leading enterprise in domestic agricultural equipment, I believe you will have a definite understanding of this after reading it. Lovol heavy industry has deeply ploughed the "the Belt and Road" in recent years, integrating high-end "smart manufacturing" resources around the world, Continue to innovate and forge ahead along this national strategic road of connecting the East and the West

"borrow brain and wisdom" dare to be the first

Lovol Ceres harvester in operation

it is reported that since 2010, Lovol heavy industries, based on the business policy of "connotation growth, structural adjustment and globalization", has begun to actively build and improve the global innovation and R & D system, and continue to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation

thick accumulation and thin hair, broad view and appointment. With the acceleration of globalization strategy, Lovol heavy industries is actively "borrowing brain and wisdom" on a global scale. From the establishment of the first overseas R & D center in China to the connection of three cities in the hinterland of Europe, it has successively acquired the Italian national treasure brand Arbos, the global high-end agricultural tool brand matermacc and the European orchard high-end tractor brand Goldoni

"Lovol heavy industries' vision is not limited to Europe. We should digest and absorb foreign advanced technologies and introduce them to China, cultivate a hard power team with global competitiveness, and also promote Lovol products to the world with the help of Lovol heavy industries' global marketing system." Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, has repeatedly said that the company should actively build and improve the global innovation and R & D system and use its strength to achieve its goals

vision determines pattern, and pattern determines height. After several years of strategic layout, Lovol heavy industry has become the largest, most versatile and most capable agricultural machinery high-end intelligent manufacturing R & D and manufacturing center in the domestic agricultural machinery industry, as well as a gathering place for scientific and technological innovation talents, forming an industry-leading and world-class scientific and technological innovation capability

"we have successively integrated more than 500 foreign experts with international agricultural equipment technology background in European territories, established a global R & D team, built a global R & D system, and jointly built a global collaborative innovation platform with the domestic LOVOL Technology Research Institute, becoming a gathering highland of domestic agricultural machinery science and technology innovation talents." Wang Guimin introduced

Lovol baler is in the process of Baling

building a "trump card" with accumulated experience

although China shows advanced surface effects, the development speed of agricultural machinery industry is changing with each passing day, but the weak situation in the field of high-end agricultural machinery equipment can not be ignored

"being at the middle and low end of the global value chain, technology and market have been restricted and squeezed by developed countries for a long time, which is the biggest pain point for the global development of domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises. In order to win the future, Chinese agricultural equipment brands must have a voice in the field of medium and high-end product technology." Wang Guimin emphasized

in recent years, with the support of national policies, capital investment, fiscal and tax incentives, a number of agricultural machinery products with high scientific and technological content have emerged. In recent years, when the speed is ≥ 0.05%fs/s, a batch of agricultural machinery products with high scientific and technological content, represented by 200 HP large tractors, large self-propelled grain combine harvesters, large combined planters, etc., have been industrialized

Lovol heavy industry closely follows this "trend" and continues to lead China's agricultural machinery industry to move forward steadily in global industrial innovation. With the advent of apos series power shift tractors, Matt mark precision seeders and other high-end products that have reached the international advanced level, Lovol has successfully entered the global high-end agricultural equipment market

in the view of Liang Qirong, Secretary of the Party committee of Lovol heavy industry, there is a serious surplus of middle and low-end products, and the supply of high-end agricultural machinery is weak, which actually reflects the large gap between domestic agricultural machinery and (2) vernier caliper foreign agricultural machinery in terms of R & D level and manufacturing technology. And technology input is indispensable

at the same time, Lovol heavy industries' brand value has also achieved a leap forward growth. From 7.015 billion yuan in 2008 to 50.668 billion yuan in 2017, Lovol's brand value has increased more than six times in nine years. It can be seen that the innovation and development of Lovol star products have begun to achieve "internationalization" in an all-round way, and scientific and technological innovation has already become the "soft power" of Lovol brand's international competition. At the same time, Lovol brand's influence has continued to rise and has been widely praised by the society

it is understood that the Arbos tractor developed by LOVOL Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. stood out from more than 5000 products from 54 countries around the world and successfully won the 2017 "red dot award", becoming the first and only product to win this award in the field of domestic agricultural equipment. It is the first time that the domestic agricultural machinery industry has topped the "international industrial design Oscar"

"smart agriculture" leads the industry

for domestic agricultural machinery enterprises, if they want to achieve innovative development, they must be based at home and then look at the world. The proposal of the "the Belt and Road" undoubtedly provides a fast track for Chinese enterprises to develop. Only by "getting on the bus" early can they develop early

in recent years, Lovol heavy industry has actively explored agricultural machinery interconnection +, provided intelligent integrated solutions for modern agriculture through the application of industrial interconnection technology and multi-party cooperation, promoted the coverage and extension of intelligent agriculture, continuously injected new impetus into the development of modern agriculture, and promoted the transformation of enterprises from traditional product manufacturers to service providers that provide intelligent technology integrated solutions for modern agriculture

"Taking the solution of apos smart agriculture as an example, its operation has an important milestone in the development history of Lovol apos. We hope to provide intelligent overall solutions for modern agriculture through scientific and technological innovation and multi-party cooperation, promote the coverage and extension of smart agriculture, continuously inject new impetus into the development of modern agriculture in the country, and promote enterprises to accelerate the transformation from traditional product manufacturers to provide smart products for modern agriculture Transformation of service providers that can provide overall solutions for science and technology. " Wangguimin said

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