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When I competed in the Seoul Olympics in 1988, I remember spending as much time in the warm-up pool as anywhere else. This was where all the emotions were on displayThe highest daily toll in two months.. I remember seeing swimmers come into the swim-down area on the highest of highsItaly, followed by distraught athletes whose hopes and ambitions had been wrecked. They were the ones who sat on their own inconsolable for hours.

It was here you had the chance to see the very best in the world in their final preparation phase before going to the ready room. Some lay still, while others engaged in physical activation exerciseshours afte. I would try to listen in to the final conversations between athlete and coach, and look at the body language.

One of the most memorable images was the arrival on the pool deck of the USA swim team and we wondered what it would be like to be part of such an imposing team that would win so many medalsCanada: 1,052,539 confirmed cases (70,619 active. The British team would win three medals that year, including gold for Adrian Moorhouse:1618657200000,, and that was a pretty good return.

Roll forward to Tokyo 2020 and the USA swim team is still the greatest sports team across all sports over the last sixty years. They know it is an honour to be part of their teamArticleSecondBigBox, and they are acutely aware of the medal expectations upon themsaid Dr. Sophon Iamsirithaworn.

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