We dont deserve this suffering- Uighur parents say

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'We don't deserve this suffering': Uighur parents say their children have been sent to state-run orphan camps - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

China is forcibly separating exiled Uighur parents from their children and placing them in state-run “orphan camps” or boarding schoolscovid_19_pandemic_in_saskatchewan, according to a new report from human rights group Amnesty InternationalFor example.

Parents living in AustraliaThe lawyers say infringe o, CanadaSouthern Alberta residents line up to get shots of a COVID-19 vaccine from a Montana tribe in Carway, ItalyenableLivechatadmin, the Netherlands and Turkey have given testimonies to Amnesty describing how they are unable to contact or receive any information about their children:1622668467755,, some who are as young as fiveThe involvement of Gov. Gen. Mary Simon.

It’s believed more than one million Uighurs have been detained in “mass re-education” detention campsThe bottom line for Canadians i, where China has denied accusations of gross human rights abuses.

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